Mamaway (Philippines)

170001 - Mamaway Breast Pump [Soothing Warmth Series] Double Electric Breast Pump

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  • Mimic's Baby Oral Temp
  • The industry's first electric breast pump with far-infrared heating function 
  • ● Adjustable knob to control suction 
  • ● gentle and strong Breast pumping, immersive baby sucking rhythm 
  • ● Independent double motor, suction is not weakened by bilateral breast pumping 
  • ● Multi-national patent gas-electric joints, quick and easy operation 
  • ● FDA testing, no BPA and other harmful substances, safe Guarantee 
  • ● No noise design, just like baby breathing, mute does not disturb the family

Mamaway Soothing Warmth Series Double Electric Breast Pump
Actual breastfeeding experience proves that milk flow is directly related to the body's blood circulation as milk is derived from blood.  Apart from breastfeeding nursing mum experience lactation most often while in shower.

The Mamaway Soothing Warmth Series Double Electric Breast Pump is especially designed for busy nursing moms who can't always be with their baby to breastfeed.  The unique patented far-infrared heating design improves blood circulation around the breast and stimulates milk flow.  We have gone one step further to ensure the comfort  of nursing mothers by minimising pump noise and simplifying the operation and assembly of the machines, in order to provide a more pleasant expressing experience.

There are 2 stages in expressing.  A let-down stage to help with lactation, and when milk starts flowing, then  switch to the express stage as normal, adjusting to the right level of suction.  The machine can be used on one or both breast at the same time.  It has independent pumps on either side which ensures stable performance and consistent suction.

Intended to be used for expressing breast milk when the breastfeeding mother is away from their child.  This product is designed to be used at home or in an in-door environment.

Important Safety Information
Please read instructions carefully before using this product
This product is solely used for the purposes mention in the instructions.
Please only use original factory adaptors with this device and no others.
Please unplug the device from the power supply/ power socket after use.
If you are using an extension cord, please make sure the cord meets safety standards before use.
Danger of electrocution.  Keep the device dry and never us in areas of high humidity, immerse in water or other liquids.

This is a single use product.  Use by more than one person may present a health risk.

Do not use this device while sleeping or feeling drowsy.
Adult supervision is essential when the device is used or placed in the vicinity of children.

Soothing Warmth Series
  SW-01      SW-01     SW-01
Stable Double motor   Warm Horn/ Flange  Far Infra Red Technology

Mamaway Breast Pump is Like a Warm Heart
Double motor suction
The double motor suction stability is not weakened, and the suction is the same as when using the unilateral.

 changes everything
Warmth makes people relax, milk is easier to let down
Safe  and washable even in high temperature disinfection
Far infrared technology increases milk volume
The far-infrared horn cover promotes blood circulation and helps increase milk volume.
The Mamaway breast pump is equipped with a far-infrared speaker cover with an average emissivity of >90%.
Absolute help for chest blood circulation


Product intimate design
Full-band suction selection
Freely adjust the suitable suction, adjustable 16-section bilateral suction maximum to 280mmHg

Global patent
Gas-electric combined connector quick release quick release
Silent design
Do not disturb the sleeping family at night, the strongest suction 40 decibels as the baby breath
Safe storage bottle
The material does not contain harmful substances such as BPA (bisphenol A) to ensure the safety of breast milk and breast milk.
Movable dual-use bottle cap
Practical storage bag, wide opening / easy to carry / good finishing
  SW-01Storage bag on both sides, fixed bottle

  SW-01Adjustable shoulder strap for shoulder/slant back
Global voltage universal
Suitable for voltages from 100 to 240 watts, can be used for travel abroad