Mamaway (Philippines)

170921 (Baby Blue) Anti Bacterial Briefs (2 Pack)

1228 PHP / In stock.
Is your current underwear digging into your thighs? Or have you lost your pre-pregnancy underwear somewhere beneath your bump? 

Get yourself this antibacterial and anti-odour maternity underwear designed for comfort during pregnancy and post-natal wear (especially after a cesarean). Ultra stretchy around the waist and thighs, it will provide comfort and support all day, every day. 

- Premium material incorporates meryl fiber - an extremely strong spandex that is naturally resistant to bacteria. 
- Added silver ions for anti-odour properties. 
- Ultra thin and extremely comfortable. 
- Silky soft, ultra stretchy fabric that lasts wash after wash. 
- Machine washable. 

Material: 91% Nylon, 9% Spandex