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9991 - Ergonomic Post Natal Recovery Belt

9991 - Ergonomic Post Natal Recovery Belt

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Mamaway in collaboration with Japanese developed Dynamic Move Control (DYMOCO) theories to improve posture after birth, reduce pressure and strain on the back due to incorrect posture and assist with postnatal recovery.


 1.    Align the bottom strap to your pelvis and the top strap to your waistline

 2.     Hold end of belt with left hand, bring belt around with your right and secure to the preferred tightness

3.    Wrap the bottom straps tightly around your pelvis and attach it to the main belt

4.    Wrap the top straps tightly around your waist and attach it to the main belt

5.   Tweak the tightness of the straps and do a final adjustment

Ergonomic postpartum corset belt clip from Japan's waist, Podiatric medical institutions.
DYMOCO and Mamaway jointly developed and design a pelvic belt clip  ideal of truly effective solution for lumbar and pelvic support.  Breathable, effectively tighten the pelvis, abdomen and waist.
Super-elastic stretch woven design that closely fit the back arc curve

Materials" 80%
Polyester 15%
Spandex 5%

Hand Wash

Please note:

- Level of pain relief and effectiveness may vary between individuals.
- Stop using immediately if you have any skin conditions such as wounds, swelling, redness, irritations or rashes. 
- Do not use if you suffer from eczema or are allergic to rubber.
- Stop using immediately if you develop a reaction to the product. 
- If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.
- This product is not to be used for any purpose other than back support.
- Please avoid using excessive force when using the product.
- Please keep out of reach of children.
- Recommended to be worn outside of clothing to avoid skin irritations.
- The company will not be held responsible for accidents or product damages caused by negligence or failure to follow instructions.

Size Recommendations
 58 ~ 78cm,  Small
 68 ~ 88cm, Medium
78 ~ 98cm, Large
 98 ~ 108cm, XL
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