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Me Luna® size M

Me Luna® size M

1000 PHP

Dimensions: greatest diameter 41mm, length 48mm without grip.
Volume: 28ml to the brim, 20ml to the holes.

Me Luna® size M is still one of the smaller menstrual cups in the world, but it offers 28ml volume. Me Luna® size M is used by women who have a medium menstrual flow. Women whose body is be described as medium build, and have a normal pelvic floor muscles can use the Me Luna® size M.
Me Luna® size M can be used by women who have not had vaginal births, but also by women who have had 1 or 2 vaginal births.

Please use our size calculator for a general estimation of your correct size.

Me Luna® is the first menstrual cup made in Germany, a cost-saving and eco-friendly alternative to menstrual pads or sanitary towels. Menstrual cups are small, cup like sanitary products for women. They are made fom latex, silicone or in case of Me Luna® from TPE. The Me Luna® menstrual cup is inserted into the vagina to collect menstrual blood.

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