Mamaway (Philippines)

Mega-Malunggay 500mg

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Perfect for breastfeeding mothers--promotes the growth of the hormone Prolactin, which essential for stimulating lactation.

Moringa Oleifera contains more vitamin C than oranges, 3x the amount iron in spinach, and 4x the calcium amount in milk.

It also contains essential proteins and oils. It helps heal inflamed joints and tendons, and helps normalize blood pressure and sugar level.

Get a superb boost of vitamins, minerals, and healthy Phytonutrients from a natural source: Malunggay (Moringa Oleifera). MEGA-MALUNGGAY is a 600mg food supplement containing 500mg of Moringa Oleifera (Malunggay Leaves Powder) and 100mg Sodium Ascorbate (a non-acidic form of vitamin C), which has been known for their value as a highly nutritious antioxidant and are known to help the body and cells from damage due to free radicals. MEGA-MALUNGGAY offers a healthy dose of natural vitamins including Iron, Calcium, Potassium, Vitamin C and Phytochemicals to give a high- nutritional energy boost to fit a healthy lifestyle. It is also proven to be a great galactagogue for lactating/ breastfeeding mothers. MEGA-MALUNGGAY has been carefully developed and manufactured under strict standards in a Certified Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) Facility and only sourced malunggay leaves from a pollution free and insecticide free farms in the Philippines. In easy-to-digest capsule form, It's easy to start the journey towards a healthier you. Take one capsule a day, and you're all good! For Breastfeeding Mothers, take MEGA-MALUNGGAY Thrice a day and increase according to baby’s consumption. MEGA-MALUNGGAY can also be added in your everyday meals and recipes as well as your favorite drink.

Recommended Dosage: For Daily Maintenance, take 1-2 times a day

For Breastfeeding/ Lactating Mothers, take 3 a day and increase according to baby's consumption