9992 - Ergonomic Pelvic recovery belt

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Developed in association with Japan’s Foot & Back medical association (DYMOCO), this Ergonomic Postnatal Recovery Pelvic Belt corrects the widening of your pelvis after birth to lift and improve the shape of your hips. Can improve Scoliosis caused by reducing the expanding of the pelvis after birth. 

Absorbs the shock to your pelvis during walking to prevent grinding of the pelvic bone for healthy joints, Double support strap system for easy wearing and adjusting. 

- Wrap the belt around the widest part of the pelvis. 
- Follow the arrow on the label. Hold one side of the main belt with your left hand and bring the Velcro side around with your right and secure. 
- Hold the 2 Velcro edges on the secondary belt with both hands and pull outwards until the pulley tightens to your desired degree. 
- Secure the secondary belt onto the main belt. 

S - Pelvic circumference 75 - 100 cm 
M - Pelvic circumference 88 - 113 cm 
L - Pelvic circumference 100 - 125 cm 

Materials: 80% Polyester, 20% Nylon 

Cleaning instructions: 
- Gentle hand wash with a neutral detergent and warm water (below 30 degrees Celsius). 
- Cover the washed belt with a towel and wring to remove excess moisture, then place in a cool place to dry. 
- Do not machine wash, bleach, tumble dry or iron. 

Developed in Japan. Manufactured in Taiwan 


- Not suitable for pregnant women. 
- Recommended to be worn outside clothing. 
- Do not use this product if you have any skin conditions such as wounds, swelling, redness, irritations or rashes. 
- Not suitable for Eczema sufferers or persons allergic to Velcro. 
- Stop using immediately if you develop a rash or allergic reaction to the product. If symptoms persist, consult your doctor. 
- This product is not be used for any other purpose than lower back support and postnatal recovery.