Hugaroo Baby Carrier Navy

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Product Description

100% cotton, breathable and mimics the pouch of a mother kangaroo to create the safest, most comforting environment for baby. Deep bucket seat for the knee to knee support and built-in proactive temperature regulating back panel to keep baby cool and dry. 

- 2 ergonomic carry positions, front carry for better emotional development and bonding with baby, and hip carry for better social development and a wide range of view 
- Supports baby’s hips and thighs with a wider, deeper seat that naturally forms an “M” shape for optimum hip joint development. Reverse fold, extra wide waistband for better stability and long-wearing comfort 
- Patented ergonomic shoulder straps cross over at the back for even weight distribution. 2-step pulley system and extra mid-back buckle improves baby’s safety and utilizes your back muscles to support baby’s weight 
- Ergonomic lumbar support protects your spine during prolonged wearing 
- Anti-slip buckles, easy to adjust and won’t loosen or slip. 24-hour, 50 kg weight test with no deformity 
- Built-in Outlast proactive temperature regulating panel around baby’s back and hips to keep baby cool and reduce sweating 
- Comes with a matching drawstring backpack, a pair of teething pads and an instruction booklet 

Main/ Hood: 100% Cotton 
Temp. Regulation Panel: 50% Polyester (Outlast®)/ 30% Rayon(Sensitive)/ 20% Low Melt Polyester 
Minimum weight: 5kg/ Maximum weight: 50kg 
Care Instruction: wipe clean with a damp cloth and dry in a cool place away from direct sunlight.