12553R Maternity Leggings with Skirt

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If leggings are a staple part of your non-pregnancy wardrobe, then don't hesitate to make them a staple part of your maternity wardrobe. They're seriously the best thing to wear when you're pregnant... and when you're post-natal. The attached skirt works to flatter your pregnant shape and make looking gorgeous just that little bit easier.

Don't try to just get by with your non-maternity leggings. It's totally not worth the effort and the "roll-down" is very tedious. These are high cut, super stretchy and made to fit you and your growing peanut perfectly.

• Maternity Leggings with Stretchy Maternity Skirt attached
• Classic ankle length maternity leggings perfect for dressing up with a long top or maternity dress.
• Technology Wool,light and warm.

《Content》52%Acrylic 43%Cotton 5%Spandex