200309 Antibacterial spray (1000ml refill bottle)

200309 Antibacterial spray (1000ml refill bottle)

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Strong antibacterial and gentle like water
The main ingredient "Silver Citrate Ion SDC" has been certified by the US EPA to eliminate a variety of germs within 1 minute, effectively preventing the new coronavirus, type A influenza, hand, foot and mouth virus, avian influenza, etc.

Antibacterial effect lasts for
long-lasting protection all day long

Japan’s MRC Research Institute experiment confirmed

30 seconds quick sterilization!

Sterilization ability test result:
30 seconds after spraying SDC with silver citrate ion, the bacteria can be completely inhibited

Japan’s MRC Research Institute experiment confirmed

Effective bacteriostasis throughout the day!

Mild pH
Common antibacterial liquids-alcohol, sodium hypochlorite, and bleach, regardless of their concentration, are potentially toxic to the environment and human body. They should not be swallowed; and silver citrate is the only "antibacterial formula that can be eaten"

Colorless, odorless, non-corrosive

As safe as water

No alcohol, non-flammable

No high temperature accident risk

Long-term use of alcohol for disinfection and antibacterial will cause the loss of skin moisture, and it is flammable and has potential risks

The series has passed a number of strict tests
✓ U.S. EPA Environmental Protection Agency assessment of environmental protection level
✓ Passed FDA assessment
✓ Passed SGS inspection
 Passed EU inspection
U.S. EPA website confirmed

Can wipe out the new coronavirus in 1 minute

U.S. EPA official certification
Almost all surviving harmful microorganisms in the world can be wiped out within 30 seconds to 2 minutes, and the antibacterial power can be maintained for 24 hours.

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One bottle of antibacterial and deodorizing multi-purpose

Clothing disinfection

Air disinfection

Outing supplies


Toy supplies

Toilet bathroom

Footwear deodorization

Hand disinfection

Material Description

● US Environmental Protection Agency EPA approved SDC antibacterial ingredient + Chlorhexidine listed on the front of the Ministry of Health and Welfare
● pH5.0 mild skin-friendly, safe antibacterial and deodorant
● No alcohol added / colorless, tasteless / pollution-free and non-toxic antibacterial formula
● 30 seconds fast Fight against a variety of bacteria
● Long-term protection for 24 hours
● How to use: Spray directly on the surface of the appliance and any object, after rubbing or drying, it can achieve the effect of sterilization and disinfection without washing.
● The manufacturing date is based on the bottle body; expiration date: 5 years after unopened, please use it as soon as possible after opening.