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Comply with CNS15290 textile safety specification
Free formaldehyde, banned azo dyes, heavy metals, and environmentally friendly washing are qualified

Mamaway baby clothes will go through the needle detector, and the high-demand quality inspection process will thoroughly screen broken needles or metal cuttings, which cannot be detected by visual inspection.

Stick to the best quality

Peace of mind and no pollution
Fluorescent agent and formaldehyde pass the inspection, do not irritate sensitive skin, and environmentally friendly dyes do not affect the environment.

Soft without impurities
Removal of residual chemical components in dyeing and finishing, filtering residual impurities and broken needles and threads, making clothes soft and dense.

Strict selection and upgrade
Insist on not using off-the-shelf fabrics from mainland China. The material of the clothes is natural and fluffy, which is more breathable and refreshing when worn on the body.

Size Chart

Size Chart NB
Shoulder width 6
bust 8.5
Predecessor length 15
Hem Width 9
Size recommendation
height 55-65cm
body weight 6kg

※Unit: inch (1 inch=2.54 cm)
※The above dimensions are measured horizontally (please multiply by 2 for a round trip), and the error of ±1 inch is the normal range.
※The flat measurement needs to be adjusted according to the elasticity of the cloth. Personal dressing tightness to choose!

Material Description

Stick to the material and pursue a soft touch. It can cover the baby's body and is suitable for inner wear. A 2-piece set that is convenient for changing and washing daily.
●Q elastic has good elasticity and covers baby's skin.
●The side-opening straps are fixed, and the baby’s bust and collar circumference can be adjusted by yourself.
●The center snap button of the crotch adopts different colors to prevent wrong buttoning.
●Considering metal sensitivity, plastic buttons are used.
●The washing label is placed on the outer left side and will not touch the baby's skin.
●Comply with the standards set by CNS15290 National Commodity Inspection Bureau.

"Material" 95% COTTON 5% SPANDEX
"Flexibility" Good
"Origin" Vietnam
"Washing Method" Machine wash / low temperature / bagged / reverse / do not soak / do not bleach / do not dry