210708C Premature Long Sleeve Bodysuit 2 Pack

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Stick to the material and pursue a soft touch. It can cover the baby's body and is suitable for inner wear. A 2-piece set that is convenient for changing and washing daily.

● good elastic stretchability, baby skin covering
● reflexed cuff design, baby comfortably, without Lehen
● open side fixing straps, chest and adjust their own baby Neck
● crotch center snap different colors, in order to prevent buckle wrong
● taking into consideration the sensitive issue of metal, plastic buttons
● wash label placed on the outside of the left, not to touch the baby skin
● meet the required standards CNS15290 State Bureau of commodity inspection
● personal clothing suitable for the preparation of the forthcoming birth of the newborn


"Material" Main fabric: 95% Cotton 5% Spandex

"Flexibility" Good

"Washing Method" Machine wash/low temperature/into the bag/reverse/non-soaking/non-bleaching/non-drying