220967C2-F Solid Linen Baby Ring Sling

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Does your newborn cry every time you try to put them down? Babywearing is a great idea during the early weeks to keep them happy and settled, and means you're hands-free for getting on with chores. Mamaway Baby Ring Sling is an adjustable, comfortable one-size-for-all baby sling carrier that can be used from infancy right up to the toddler ages. This perfect hands-free sling enables you to snuggle, settle and breastfeed the baby with ease. Our Baby Ring Slings have been acknowledged by The International Hip Dysplasia Institute as "hip-healthy" products.

Material Description

●Lightweight and comfortable, breathable and cool
●Absorb sweat, quick-drying, the fabric will not stick to the skin due to sweat, keeping you dry
●Natural fabric has a 
soft texture and does not harm the skin
●Dyeing with environmentally friendly dyes
●Passed load test (SGS-TW1186350 ): Load capacity 50Kg
● Obtained the IHDI certification from the International Hip Association, which is beneficial to the health of the baby's hip joints

"Material" 51% Flax linen 46% Lyocell 3% Rayon
Free Size Single size, suitable for babies of various growth stages
"Washing method" Machine wash/low temperature/do not soak/do not bleach/do not dry "