230217P3 Biotin As You Wish Shampoo

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Gives you ingredients that really work not just feeling

Three key ingredients for hair care.


Biotin is an essential nutrient for the scalp. The source of nutrients necessary for hair growth " biotin" gives. Can go deep into hair roots to give the hair the nourishment it needs.

Apple stem cells restores the youthfulness of the scalp. From a rare Swiss apple variety Uttwiler Spätlauber cells made, has been proven to protect skin while also delaying aging. 
-Anti-aging effect
-Helps maintain stratum corneum health
-Enhance vitality
Peptides activate the hair root and the plumping factor. Peptides is the smallest unit of amino acid, with a small molecular weight which can easily penetrate the cortex, help the body absorption. Peptides restore hair from within help the body bond, enhance the formation of the stratum corneum, helping to promote strong hair.

French patented ingredient PROCAPIL southern European olive leaf extract
-Soothes the scalp, strethens the hair roots and volumizes the hair

Regulates balance, purifies and control oils
Compound plant extract combination
Natural essence  soothes irritated scalp and regulates sebum production to reduce the formation of dandruff flakes

EU Ecocert natural certified cleansing ingredients.
The cleansing ingredients certified by ECOCERT can provide comfortable and rich foam feeling and skin mildness while cleansing.
Carefully selected essential oils