230892G4 Ultra Silky Seamless Underwear (Olive)

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Size Chart

Size Chart M L XL
Waist circumference (flat measurement) 11.5 12 13
Hip circumference (flat measurement) 13 14.5 16
Suitable size
Waist (one circle) 28-35 34-39 36-41
Hip circumference (one circle) 32-39 38-43 42-47

※Unit: inch (1 inch=2.54 cm)


Material Description

During pregnancy, secretions tend to increase and the body temperature is higher than usual, which is more likely to cause infection. It is best to choose underwear with antibacterial bottoms and antibacterial function to reduce odor!

●Simple, full-fitting edge design, comfortable and close-fitting, leaving no traces when worn, absorbing sweat and drying quickly, keeping you dry for a long time.
●The fabric is soft and comfortable, like a second skin, as light and weightless as if you are not wearing anything.
●Using double-layer trousers hem technology, it is seamless and enhances the support and coverage of the buttocks without revealing trousers marks or curling.
●Meryl®Skinlife silver ions are used in the bottom lining of the pants to protect the private parts in all aspects. It is permanently antibacterial and reduces odor. The antibacterial effect will not be reduced due to the number of washings.
●The back piece of underwear is designed with no center seam, and it fits the buttocks 360 degrees without getting stuck on the buttocks.
●The trouser head is glued and fitted, without any sense of pressure or elastic band marks.

※This is a personal hygiene product and cannot be returned after being opened.
※The trouser head and trouser legs are made of soft and traceless trouser hem fabric.

"Material" Surface fabric: Nylon 77% Spandex 23%; Lining: nylon 100%