No Sweat Baby All Seasons Quilt Set (NASA Certified Temp. Regulating)

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Babies do most of their growing while they're sleeping, so the quality of their sleep is essential for their development. Over heating during sleep can be a big issue for growing babies, when their own body's temperature regulating mechanism is not fully developed. Overheating causes excess sweating, which leads to dehydration, moisture and bacteria build up, that leads to restlessness and can be harmful especially for babies suffering from asthma and allergies.

The No Sweat All Seasons Baby Quilt Set can be used all year round. Made with Outlast Smart temperature and moisture control technology to regulate the babies's skin temperature to around 28 degrees Celsius, it keeps humidity levels on the surface of the skin low and keeping baby cool in summer, warm in winter for a better sleep.

The Quilt padding and Quilt insert are both antibacterial, anti odur and prevents the build up of dust mites, ideal for babies suffering from asthma and allergies.

Quilt Set Contains:

1 x Quilt with built in padding (Spring/Summer)

1 x Thick Quilt Insert (Added warmth for Autumn/Winter)

1 x Pillow Cover

1 x Eco carry bag (For carrying it to grandma's)

1 x Dust bag for packing away the thick quilt insert during the warmer months

The pillow case fits the Optimal Baby Pillow

Size: :

Quilt (Includes Padding): (±1cm): L123cm; W 91cm; Thickness: 1cm

Quilt Insert: (±1cm): L122cm; W 90cm; Thickness: 4cm

Pillowcase: (±1cm):L 43.5cm; W 32cm


Quilt Cover/ Insert Cover: 100% High Pima Cotton

Padding/Insert Filling: 50% Outlast® Thermostat Polyester

30% Rayon (Smartcel Sensitive Fabric)

20% Polyester (Low Melting Polyester)

Washing Suggestions:

Quilt padding/ Insert: Hand wash only / Do not soak / Do not bleach

Quilt Cover/ Pillow Cover: Machine washable/ Do not soak / Do not bleach / Do not tumble dry