191234X Black and White Visual Card

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Why babies need black and white visual stimulation. In the first year of life there are limitations in babies' vision and they respond well to simple, bold patterns with high contrast. ... Strong black and white patterns also help babies to develop their ability to focus their attention and levels of concentration.

Black and white cards are designed to promote the attention of newborn babies and improve the visual nerves. The material is premium and not easy to wrinkle and tear.


Newborn baby vision

The vision of a newborn baby is limited to light and shadows, near-range movements. Their visual acuity is around 0.01, and they can only see black and white colors.


The purpose of black and white cards

These cards are often used to introduce simple shapes, patterns, and images to stimulate their visual perception and cognitive development.

Different ways of use:

1. Place the black and white cards within the baby's sight, such as near the crib or baby box area.

2. Move the black and white cards slowly in front of the baby, encouraging them to visually track the movement with their eyes.
3. Place the black and white cards in front of the baby to provide visual stimulation and encourage them to lift their head and engage with the cards.

Product Features

A set of 6 cards, with 12 different patterns on the front and back. Introduce your baby to various shapes, lines, geometry, and graphic concepts.


Four-corner rounded design, safe and hand-friendly for both babies and adults when gripping.
Made of thick cardboard with a waterproof surface film, it is not easily wrinkled or torn, even if the baby spills milk on it, there is no need to worry about the pattern smudging.

Packaged in thick cardboard envelopes, the cards have a thickness of only 0.3cm when stored, making them easy to fit into maternity bags or diaper bags without taking up much space.

"Specifications" A set of 6 pieces, a total of 12 patterns on the front and back
"Size" Black and white picture card 17.5*16cm
    Outer packaging 18.5*17cm "
Material" Paper
"Safety instructions" The outer packaging transparent plastic sleeve should be discarded immediately after disassembly Or keep away from infants and young children to avoid danger