Moon Pillow

Antibacterial, Dust-proof, Hypoallergenic
Peace of mind even for unseen details

Antibacterial cotton viscose pillow case

 ✓ Chitin-Chitosan, a built-in layer of CRABYARN®

✓ Premium combed cotton, delicate, soft

Free of plasticizers, eco-tech grade antibacterial nursing pillow 

✓ Passed SGS 191 toxicity tests and EU REACH SVHC 8-category tests
✓ Free of plasticizers
✓ Resistant to E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus

Premium filling with high rebound silk floss 

Adjustable height and firmness according to stage needs and preferences.

High-density rebound, perfect support, and pressure relief 

Mamaway nursing pillow employs a durable high-rebound design, providing excellent support.

Breathable nursing pillow. Do not retain heat
Reduce stuffiness 

Eco-tech grade cooling foam is not only antibacterial and non-toxic but also highly breathable.

Whether used for sleeping between legs or postpartum breastfeeding, it won't get hotter with use, preventing sweating and odors for an overall optimized experience.

Multipurpose nursing pillow
Minimalist, space-saving design

Mamaway nursing pillow accompanying both you and your baby 

A nursing pillow is a great elevation pillow for the baby! Note that the baby needs to be wrapped straight, and a square pillow should be placed underneath to prevent the body from sinking.

With the characteristics of warmth in winter and coolness in summer, you won't feel stuffy, and the baby lying for a while won't be uncomfortable due to heat issues.