211808R Disney Darling Minnie Long Maternity Blouse

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Soft and cool
Skin-friendly modal material

Side opening-breast line breastfeeding opening
Side-opening breastfeeding opening, you only need to pull the overlap of the opening when breastfeeding, you can easily breastfeed, and then restore the opened part after feeding.

Disney authorized tag
Mommy is the only authorized maternity wear brand for Disney in Taiwan. Please identify the anti-counterfeiting laser stickers when purchasing genuine Disney products!
Please identify the genuine Disney laser label

A_ There is "TWN" on the upper right, indicating that the product can be sold in Taiwan
B_ There is a signature of "Disney" in the middle
C_ The bottom is a string of letters and numbers
Features of pregnancy and nursing clothing

Sure to win
Mother Feeding-Pregnancy and Nursing Clothing, won the Grand Prize for Moms, Babies, Women and Children's Boutiques, and affirmation of the annual boutique!

Mobile nursing room
Breastfeeding is not gone! Shopping can also take care of the baby's needs at any time.

safe and non-toxic
Strictly selected materials, non-toxic dyes, fluorescent agents, and formaldehyde are passed the inspection and do not harm the human body.

Fashionable and affordable
It's no longer limited, only when pregnant and breastfeeding can wear it! The baby can continue to wear it after weaning.