230888W1-M Baby Diaper Pants (40 PCS)

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Mamaway pull-up pants


-Refreshing, Lightweight perfect pull-up pants
-Have peace of mind all night
-Breathable and does not leak  


-Multiple instant suction diversion.
-The inner invisible superconducting composite cotton core uses highly water absorbent magic beads made in Japan, which are lighter in weight and absorb water faster. The absorbent feels like sugar particles and solidifies into a jelly-like shape after absorbing water.
-Instantly inhaled without leakage, reducing red butt!


-Upgraded highly breathable 3D Rhombus surface layer makes diapers both waterproof and breathable.
-The inner layer absorbs moisture and the outer layer dissipates heat, making you truly dry.


-360° Stretch covering
-The waist/leg circumference is super comfortable and does not leak no matter  how you move.


-Have a peaceful night's sleep.
-Mamaway pull up pants are designed with a suspended core.
-The entire piece is widened and enlarged for stronger absorption! 
-It can evenly absorb night time urine for a long time. 


-New ultra light and feathery touch.
-Different from ordinary diapers that are thick and stiff.
-The contact surface is delicate and soft, and the exclusive ultra lightweight feather soft touch material is used to enhance wearing comfort, reduce baby's friction allergies and protect delicate skin.


-Smart urine display, timely replacement.
-The color changing urine display changes from yellow to blue, reminding you to change it immediately.


-Non-toxic ink printing.
-Printed using safe, non-toxic ink without adding any fluorescent agent, soft and comfortable to touch. 



Material Description

●The water-locking surface layer is dry and does not seep back, reducing red buttocks
●360° elastic waistline, the waist/leg circumference is super comfortable, and it will not leak no matter how you move
●3D soft leak-proof sides keep you dry all day long

"Main Materials" Non-woven fabric, composite absorbent core, PE highly breathable film
"Product Type" Recommended for - 6-11KG "
Manufacturing Date" Please refer to the outer packaging label
"Shelf Life" 3 years
"Storage Method" for To prevent dust or bugs from entering after the package is opened, please store the opened packaging bags and diapers in a dry, ventilated and hygienic environment. Please keep the product away from direct sunlight, high humidity and humid places.

"Post-Use Disposal" Tear off the sides, gently fold the used diapers into a roll (with the inner layer facing inward) and glue them with the rear adhesive strip, and discard them in the trash can. Do not throw it away in the toilet to avoid clogging.
●To avoid accidents of suffocation and strangulation of the baby's neck, please keep the packaging plastic bags and handles away from babies and children.
●Please pay attention to the storage location of this product to prevent babies from accidentally eating or suffocating.
●Use according to the instructions on the product packaging, and change diapers frequently according to the baby's usage.
●In a high-humidity environment, the urine indicator line may change color before use. This is a normal phenomenon and does not affect the use of the product.
●If the product is not suitable for baby skin when using it, please stop using it and consult a doctor.