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Product Description

New born babies can't control their body temperature very well, and require the optimum temperature to get the best quality sleep possible in order to grow and develop.

Babies are not able to tell you they are hot or cold, so it is important to take extra care of their body temperature. The go-beyond tog temp. balance sleep suit range can actively regulate the baby's skin temperature, giving your bub years of sweat-free, comfortable nights sleep all year round. Flexibility to add layering for cold nights and a thin undershirt for warm nights. The range is also antibacterial and anti-odour, therefore becomes essential for babies with asthma and allergies.

Neither hot nor cold, just right
The smart baby sleeping bag applies the fabric worn by astronauts to the baby’s bedding.

The invention of temperature-regulating fiber is to protect astronauts from sudden temperature changes in extreme climates, and is known for its active temperature control efficiency. Newborns' body temperature regulation is still developing, and the natural climate changes drastically. Wearing a kick-proof vest that can adjust the temperature creates a comfortable micro-climate and reduces the risk of overheating and sweating and catching a cold.

Using German patented high-power temperature control material Clima, the temperature control (PCM) material is made into nano microcapsules, which are blended with fibers.

Pure natural

Natural wood pulp fiber is used, and the paraffin wax temperature-regulating substance is extracted from plants, which is completely natural.

Humidity control

General chemical fibers cannot absorb moisture, and pure cotton is easily damp. The addition of Lyocell regenerated cellulose has ideal humidity regulation characteristics, and does not feel uncomfortable due to wet or dry weather.

Temperature adjustment

╴When you feel hot, the microcapsules in the fiber absorb your heat energy and make you feel cool

╴When you feel cold, the microcapsules in the fiber release stored heat energy to make you feel warm

╴Adjust the generated heat absorption and exothermic phenomenon to make the change of body surface temperature small and maintain a stable and comfortable microclimate

The weather is hot and cold, not to bother 

In fact, the reason for kicking the quilt is because it is too hot. Generally, you need to prepare 3~4 sleeping bags of different thicknesses to cope with the unstable climate. The traditional anti-kick quilt is divided into different thicknesses according to Tog.

With smart thermostat technology,
Warm and sweat are suitable for all seasons

Traditional anti-kick VS Mamaway anti-kick vest

Must be sterilized by the sun
Zinc oxide antibacterial does not require sun
Continuous heating causes bursts of sweat
Reach the optimum temperature quickly

Machine washing is easy to ball up and break
Machine wash without balling
Unkick quilt

Different ranges of warm and dry accumulators are used before and after, so you won’t catch cold when you sleep on your back or on your stomach

Front panel position
Back flake position
Different thickness
meets more needs

Loose pants leg split design
Baby's body temperature is immature and needs to rely on the soles of feet to wick away perspiration; you can safely get out of bed without taking off after getting up; the side loose design (approximately 17.5cm), suitable for babies without thighs and fleshy legs

Fully open at the bottom
Zipper inverted design, easy to change diapers, easy to change diapers by opening

Intimate details
Zipper sheath design, protect baby's chin from injury

Size recommendation

(The size suggestion table is for reference only, please refer to the baby's actual height and weight when purchasing)


Size Chart

Size Chart F
Shoulder width 12
bust 14.5
Predecessor length 29.5
height Above 95cm
Suitable age 21-36 months or more

※Unit: inch (1 inch=2.54 cm)
※The above dimensions are measured horizontally and spread out (please multiply by 2 for a round trip), and the error of ±1 inch is the normal range.
※The flat measurement needs to be adjusted according to the elasticity of the cloth. Personal dressing tightness to choose!