170001B (Blue) NASA Certified Temp. Balance 3D Shock Pro

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This universal pram liner provides optimal thermal comfort for babies when they're out and about. No more sweaty back, bum and thighs!

Enhanced with Outlast technology, its proactive heat & moisture management balances the temperature on the baby's skin by absorbing & storing heat and moisture in micro capsules to reduce overheating and sweating. This can help with the prevention of eczema, heat rash and skin irritations.
The 3D mesh backing (similar to the ones on sports shoes) maximizes airflow between baby and the seat. It is also shockproof to ensure a comfortable and smoother ride for your little one!

Outer: 65% Polyester, 35% Outlast
Lining: 100% Polyester

73 (H) x 31(W) cm

Care Instructions:
Washing Suggestions: Machine wash on cold cycle/ do not soak/ do not bleach/ do not tumble dry

Air cushion temperature control antibacterial

Cart seat universal cushion

3D suspension three-dimensional cotton
elastic support, stable shock absorber, keep air circulation
Medical grade foam at ease
antibacterial pressure release, by 173 high-profile test
Surface selection of materials
1. Soft Tencel
2. German patent wisdom thermostat
3. Medical grade antibacterial fiber
Tencel material cool
to experience the perfect touch

From plant extraction, the production process is very environmentally friendly. Tencel is more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk, and more comfortable to the skin.

Smart temperature control material to
maintain cool temperature

Has a German patent to help the baby to adjust the temperature on the back, not easy to sweat long rash

Add medical antibacterial grade 4 zinc oxide

Antibacterial and deodorant │ anti-allergic anti-mite │ patent technology

Medical grade foam

Elastic release back pressure, breathable and breathable

3D suspension three-dimensional cotton

Keep air flowing and not lose flexibility due to long-term pressure

Optimal air circulation
Keep breathable, comfortable, not stuffy
Suspension does not collapse
Elastic support fiber for more stable and comfortable
Cart seat universal cushion

Can be placed according to demand, easy to carry and store

Stroller cushion
Steam seat cushion
Basket type
Tencel material, soft and skin-friendly, comfortable, inner layer of absorbent cotton
3D suspension three-dimensional cotton
Select TENCEL ® Tencel

Comfortable texture, perfect touch fabric

Known as the new era fiber, TENCEL is a patented fiber brand developed by Austrian Lenzing Fiber.

Tencel super soft touch, no substitute

Tencel's fibers are smooth and full, wool fibers have hair scales, and cotton is irregular.




German smartcel TM zinc antibacterial fiber

Advantages of zinc clean fiber

Zinc is often used in life. When the skin produces moisture, it triggers smartcel zinc fiber, which is resistant to bacterial mold and reduces odor. It can bring healthy new choices for allergic babies.

Compliance with international certification

Reassured by detection