181504G Olive Green Maternity Bamboo Cotton Shorts

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The last pair of pants before birth, the first pants after childbirth
High stretch magic belly
Service security
Modified slimming
Postpartum wear

1 / stomach pressure

When standing, the stomach is not sore, and when you sit down, you will not feel uncomfortable! Change with the shape of the body!

Elastic band, easy to hold the belly
2 / service security

Different from the general pregnant woman's belly, it is easy to slide after washing.

Whole stretch belly is still compliant after delivery
Washing, postpartum, becoming loose and easy to slide

3 / modified slimming

Slim type design, lengthening the proportion of legs, comfortable and not bloated, bid farewell to the bulky dress during pregnancy!

4 / material comfort

The belly that rises in the late pregnancy is easy to be sensitive and itchy. The mamaway bird's feet are under the feet. The second layer of high-elastic breathable cotton is soft and does not scratch the skin, protecting the fragile belly!

5 / wear after delivery

In the transition period of postpartum recovery, it is impossible to plug the pants before pregnancy. Wearing a mother to feed pregnant women's trousers, the waist is reflexed, the comfortable clothes are not loose, the body is modified, and the CP value is high.

It’s also a good friend for 6 months after childbirth.

Six months after delivery is the golden period of recovery, and it is still necessary to wear the corset as much as possible and return to the prenatal curve. High-elastic magic belly will be the best choice for clothing and comfort.

Motherhood can be worn
All-inclusive stomach lift belly
Low-rise stomach lift belly
Still obey after delivery
/ Black BLACK /
/ Olive Green OLIVE GREEN /
PRODUCT TEXTURE   commodity material
Super elastic waistband, stomach lift belly
Bilateral pocket shape for easy storage