190824 Disney Princess Cocoon Swaddle Wrap 2 Pack

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The simplest way to swaddle your baby. Mamaway is teaming up with Disney to drop you the perfect gift in the holiday season. The Velcro fasteners make it easy to adjust and swaddle. Perfectly fit for your baby. Simply pull the pouch down for easy diaper access, no need to undo and redo the wrapping. It is made of fine cotton yarns to create a superior soft touch to baby's delicate skin, gentle coverage and a sense of security for your baby. 

  • Size: 71x50cm, suitable for newborn to 3 months (approx 6.78kg)
  • Do not cover the baby's mouth and nose.
  • Do not wash with clothes that have sharp elements to avoid damage to the material.
  • Close the Velcro before washing to avoid sticking onto other clothing items.
Mamaway X Disney

What's Startle Reflex?
Babies are born with a number of reflexes, such as rooting, sucking, grasping, and stepping, among others. It disappears between 3–6 months of age.

1/Wake up frequently

2/Short sleep

3/Lack of security

The Benefits Of Swaddling

Reduce the risk of SIDS

Keeps babies on their back during sleep.

Less crying

Recreates the secure and cozy feeling of the womb.

Sleep Better

Prevents unnecessary wake-ups due to the startle reflex.

When To Stop Swaddling
0-3 Months

A swaddle helps your baby feel secure and safe as she adjusts to life outside the womb, it also heplt them sleep better.

4-8 Months

Once your baby become more active and is trying to roll, it’s time to say goodbye to the swaddle wrap.

Cocoon Swaddle Wrap
Velcro design is easier to navigate for new parents.
Velcro design without folding and tucking. Tab Velcro itself before washing.
Premium quality and fine workmanship
Gifts ideal for your own or others

Easy Steps To Swaddle
Put the baby in the swaddle.

Pull the left wing tight across baby's arms and attach the velcro.

Pull the right wing tight across baby's arms and attach velcro, all done!
- Swaddling Tips -
Swaddle snugly, but not too snugly.
At the top of the swaddle, you should be able to fit two to three fingers between the wrap and your baby’s chest.