190824 Disney Princess Cocoon Swaddle Wrap 2 Pack

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Princess series
Snow White + Cinderella

What are the effects of the startle reflex in newborns?
-Easy to wake up suddenly

-Short sleep time
-Hard to brain development
-Lack of security


4 Reasons Why You Need to Pack Tightly

-Reduce sudden death rate

Avoid covering your baby's mouth and nose with bedding and sleeping face down

-Reduce crying

Simulates the womb space to reduce sensory stimulation and improve security

-Enhance neuromuscular development

Strengthen baby's neuromuscular coordination development

-Sleep more soundly

Increase your sense of security and extend your sleep time

When is it recommended to use the wrap?

Newborn~2 months

Newborns are prone to the startle reflex of grabbing the air with their hands. Using a swag to wrap the shoulders and arms tightly can stabilize the baby sleeping on his back and prolong his sleep.

Silkworm baby wrap
Newborns are soft. The double-layer cloth covering makes them more upright and easier to hold. It is easy to operate and is easy for novice parents to use.

Disney series silkworm baby 2-piece swaddle set


The velcro felt design can be stuck and fixed during washing to avoid sticking to other clothes.

Exquisite sewing method, quality requirements


2 pieces combined package, suitable for gift giving and personal use

Steps to use Silkworm Baby Wrap

The key points of using a wrap
The baby's hands should be wrapped tightly to gain a sense of security.
While wrapping, the adult's hands need to hold the baby's arms moderately and alternately with the wrap to achieve the correct tightness.

Cleaning instructions
.The Velcro felt must be glued and fixed before washing to avoid sticking to other clothes
. Do not wash together with sharp objects to avoid snagging
. Hand wash alone at low temperature, do not scrub with force
. Do not use laundry detergents that contain bleach or fluorescent agents
. Do not soak/do not dry clean/do not iron
. Do not bleach/do not use softener
. Do not tumble dry

Material Description

●Combed cotton material, soft and skin-friendly, double-layer cloth covering makes it more firm and easier to hold
●Easy to operate, easier for novice parents to use
●Delicate and soft felt, will not scratch the baby
●Good elasticity, suitable for the height/body shape of newborn babies
●The tightness can be adjusted according to the size of the baby
● Comes in a pack of 2, easy to clean and replace
● Cute Disney series patterns, three colors available
● Applicable age: newborn ~ 2 months

Please use Avoid covering the baby's mouth and nose with fabric.
Please clean it before first use. Please stick the Velcro felt before cleaning.
Do not wash it with sharp objects to avoid snagging.

"Material" 100% COTTON
"Washing Method" Bagged and machine washable/not allowed Soak/do not bleach/do not dry
[Size] Wrap: 66x52cm (±3)