200406B Cotton Multi Use Cloth (Pack of 2)

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Sheer cotton soft
Fluffy and comfortable, double care
Strict quality control of high-quality water
Cotton yarn is made in Taiwan
Hygroscopic and breathable
Quickly absorb water, breathable and not stuffy
Easy to wash and dry
Dry quickly after washing, saving time and effort
Moisture absorption and quick drying

High quality supervisor
Safe and non-toxic, no fluorescent agent, formaldehyde

Material Description

●Moisture absorption and quick drying, saving time and effort
●100% cotton is not easy to lint, skin-friendly and breathable
●Can be used as saliva towels, burp towels, sweat wipes, etc.
●Passed the national inspection without chemicals and does not irritate the skin

"Material" 100% COTTON
"Size" 28*28cm(±1cm)
"Place of Origin" Taiwan