200923R1-F Chibi Maruko Chan Baby Ring Sling

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Does your newborn cry every time you try to put them down? 
Babywearing is a great idea during the early weeks to keep them happy and settled, and means you're hands-free for getting on with chores.

Mamaway Baby Ring Sling is an adjustable, comfortable one-size-for-all baby sling carrier that can be used from infancy right up to the toddler ages. This perfect hands-free sling enables you to snuggle, settle and breastfeed the baby with ease. Our Baby Ring Slings have been acknowledged by The International Hip Dysplasis Institute (IHDI) as "hip-healthy" products.

Benefits of using a sling
-Reduce crying
-Improve intelligence
-Convenient for breastfeeding
-Relieve stress
-Increase sense of security



1. Principles of strengthening hip joints
M-shaped legs
The thighs and knees are supported and will not sway outside the bag.

J-shaped back
-The knees are higher than the buttocks, and the back has a J-shaped hook


2. Starting from newborns, applicable to all ages


3. Have a good meal  

4. A good helper at home


5. Breastfeed safely anytime, anywhere
Can be used as a nursing pad or baby comfort pad


High-density combed cotton, breathable and not stuffy

Upgraded and enlarged sling ring
Safer and more convenient
Diameter+9.2mm / Thickness+1.2mm
-Withstand gravity lifting from 50kg to 70kg.
-The space inside the ring is enlarged, making it easier to adjust the length.

The principle of two rings interlocking each other, stable and safe
The heavier the baby, the more secure the sling will be, and the sling rings will be enlarged, making it easier to adjust the length.


Simple storage and convenient to carry
It can be easily stored in your bag when going out
without taking up any space.


Exclusive N66 high-density nylon ring, excellent toughness, no breakage


Mamaway sling exclusive cloth label

Material Description

●Passed the load test (Intertek-TWNH00081705): load-bearing 70Kg
●Obtained the IHDI certification of the International Hip Joint Institute, which is beneficial to the health of the baby's hip joints
●This model has enlarged sling rings (diameter 69.2mm, thickness 11.2mm), and the increased load-bearing capacity is safer

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"Material" 100% combed cotton
"Size" Free Size single size, suitable for babies of all growth stages
"Washing Method" Machine wash/low temperature/do not soak/do not bleach/do not tumble dry