210890D - Ultra Breezy / Antibacterial Seamless Maternity & Nursing Bra (Meryl Skinlife) - Dusty Pink

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New & Improved Ultra light Antibacterial Seamless Bra - Introduce the Meryl® Skinlife antibacterial seamless bra with a deeper cup and better structure design. The perforated cups with sewn-in soft pads maintain an attractive bust line while presenting a natural look. Stretches up to 3 cups to accommodate your changing breast from pregnancy to breastfeeding.

Seamless Maternity Bra

Advanced Antibacterial Cup
3D Moulded Cup for Optimal Fit and Support

How to Avoid Smelly Bras?
Meryl® Touch & Performance Fibers

✓Ultra stretchy fabric
✓Long lasting antibacterial and anti-odor
✓Absorbent and Quick Drying

Antibacterial Silver Microparticle
Ag+ ions coat the surface of bacterias and actively control the Protease to inhibit the growth of germs

Patented Antibacterial Moulded Cup
Unremovable Pads for Extra Convenience

Ultimate Stretchy & Comfy
Heightening elastic band offer additional support for fluctuating breast sizes

Comply with CNS15290 textile standard

Pass the inspection of formaldehyde, forbidden azo dye, heavy metal, and environmental washing.

Washing Recommendation

Detergent: Mild Neutral

Temperature: Under 30°C

Washing Method: It’s recommended to hand wash the bra. Swish the bra in the water gently. Use the toothbrush to wash the wire part. Remember to put the bra in a laundry bag for machine washing and do not tumble dry!

Drying Method: Clip the underband and gently wring out the bra. Do not dry your bras in the sun.

Scrub the sweat stains with the strap gently

Hook on the closure to avoid damaging other clothes

Put in the laundry bag

Reshape moulded cups when damp to ensure it keeps its shape

Hang up to dry

Lay flat for easy storage

Material Description

●Using Meryl®Skinlife, silver ion fiber, permanent antibacterial and odor reduction, the antibacterial effect will not be reduced due to the number of washes.
●3D seamless one-piece molding, zero-compression fit, high-elastic lower circumference, stable, pressure-relieving, and no displacement.
●High-density elastic weave can be extended by 2-3 cups to meet the needs of continuous changes in breast shape during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
●Fixed cotton cup, 3D breathable mesh + Meryl®Skinlife lining fabric, comfortable, antibacterial, moisture-wicking and not stuffy.
●U-shaped back design, high side covering, shrinking fat.
●Breastfeeding movable buckle, easy to operate with one hand.

"Material" Fabric: 93% Nylon 7% Spandex
    Cup Liner 1: 92% Nylon 8% Spandex
    Cup Liner 2: 100% Nylon
    Wing Lining: 91% Nylon 9% Spandex
    Hem: 87% Nylon 13% Spandex

Features of Meryl Skinlife silver ion fiber:
●Silver ions are added to the fiber, which can effectively inhibit bacterial growth and achieve antibacterial and deodorant effects.
●Made of Meryl Skinlife fine fiber, it feels smooth and soft, and has good breathability and moisture absorption and perspiration capabilities.
●Meryl Skinlife silver ion fiber is a long-lasting antibacterial fiber, and the antibacterial effect will not be reduced by washing.
●Silver ions are not bactericidal and will not cause skin discomfort or allergies.

※During the packaging process, the inner cup will have some slight creases, which is normal and can be restored after being put into the water.