210988W1 Instant Dry Disposable Nursing Pads

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Ultra Thin Comfort
Comfortable and gentle on your skin!

Ultra Light Feel
Easy storage pad weighs only 3g each

6 Key Features for Nursing Pads

Extra Soft Skin Touch  

TUV certified nursing pad is made of fluff pulp, which is soft and breathable to gently protect nipples.


Next Level Breathability

Composite membrane pulls moisture away for you to stay dry and comfy.
❶ Super Soft Non Woven Fabric
❷ Ultra Absorbent Polymers
❸ Fluff Pulp
❹ PE Waterproof Material


Absorbent Core for Instant Drying

Advanced ultra thin pads with excellent absorbency for leakage protection.


Leakguard Protection

Nursing pads designed to keep the wetness away for 24/7


PE Back Sheet and Double Sided Tape
Adhesive tape ensures the lasting stickiness to stay in place.


Individually Wrapped

Each pad comes individually wrapped in the production process with maxim hygiene.


2 Sub Packaging
for Moisture-Resistance 

Sealed Package Design
Maxim Hygiene and Reliable Quality 


Nursing Pad Absorbency Test

 Nice and flat cotton core

Moisture instantly captured by cotton core


Certified by SGS and TUV test 




Instant Dry Disposable Nursing pads are ultra-thin and super absorbent for quick-drying. Each pad comes individually wrapped & is disposable for maxim hygiene. Leakguard protection is designed to keep the wetness away for 24/7 comfort.Replace the nursing pad every 2-3 hours. Even if the nursing pad is only slightly wet or it is dry, the milk exposed to the air will lead the bacteria to grow. For the sake of baby's health, it is necessary to replace the nursing pad frequently! Personal hygiene product cannot be returned or exchanged once the package is opened.

Surface: Non-woven Infiltration Layer: Fluff pulp, Sodium Polyacrylate Plaster: Teflon, Glue