220780G2-NB Newborn Long Sleeve Jumpsuit

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Newborn long-sleeved jumpsuit - line dinosaur
Reflex Design on cuffs
* Can be folded back and used as gloves, comfortable and without any marks
新生兒 長袖連身衣-線條恐龍

Japan MORITO safety button
  • Safe (Non-Toxic)
  • Does not fade.
  • No rust
Washing recommendations
*Machine wash, please put in laundry bag


Baby’s skin is nothing to be careless about
Mamaway baby clothes will go through a needle inspection machine, a demanding quality inspection process, to thoroughly screen for broken needles or metal shavings, which cannot be detected by naked eye quality inspection.


Size Chart N.B.
shoulder width 7.5
chest circumference 9.5
Hips 10.25
Sleeve Length 8
Cuff width 2.5
long front 15.75
Underwear length 6
Leg circumference 3.75
Width of trousers 2.75
Size recommendations
height 55-65cm
weight 6kg

※Unit: inch (1 inch = 2.54 cm)
※Depending on different product materials, there may be an error of ±1 cm
※When purchasing (when measuring flat), you need to check the elasticity of the clothing material, and then make your choice based on the tightness of your personal clothing!


Material Description

Suitable for layering with baby's underwear. Easy to put on and take off, suitable for home and outings.

●Combed cotton material with excellent elasticity, comfortable and soft.
●Front opening design, easy to change into.
●Excellent horizontal stretchability, allowing babies to move easily.
●The buttons in the center of the crotch are in different colors to prevent incorrect buttoning.
●Considering metal sensitivity, plastic buttons are used.
●The wash label is located on the outside on the left and will not come into direct contact with the baby's skin.
●Comply with the standards specified by CNS15290 National Commodity Inspection Bureau.
●Intimate clothing suitable for newborns.

"Material" Main: 96% Cotton 4% Spandex
"Elasticity" Good
"Washing Method" Machine wash/low temperature/put in bag/reverse side/do not soak/do not bleach/do not tumble dry