220825W Disney Winnie The Pooh Cocoon Swaddle Wrap (2 Pack)

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The simplest way to swaddle your baby. Mamaway is teaming up with Disney to drop you the perfect gift in the holiday season. The Velcro fasteners make it easy to adjust and swaddle. Perfectly fit for your baby. Simply pull the pouch down for easy diaper access, no need to undo and redo the wrapping. It is made of fine cotton yarns to create a superior soft touch to baby's delicate skin, gentle coverage and a sense of security for your baby. 

What are the effects of the startle reflex in newborns?
1/ Yi suddenly woke up
2/ Short sleep time

3/ Adverse brain development

4/ Insecurity


4 reasons to pack tightly

Reduce sudden death rate

Avoid sleeping with bedding that covers your nose and mouth and face down

reduce crying

Simulate the uterine space to reduce sensory stimulation and enhance a sense of security

Strengthen neuromuscular development

Strengthen the development of baby's neuromuscular coordination

sleep better

Increase security and prolong sleep time

When is it recommended to use the wrap?

Newborn ~ 4 months (3.17 ~ 6.35 kg)

Newborns are prone to the startle reflex of grasping the empty space with both hands. Using a wrap to wrap the shoulders and arms tightly can stabilize the baby sleeping on his back and prolong the sleep .

Silkworm baby wrap
Simple operation, it is easier for novice parents to get started
2 pieces of combination packaging, suitable for gift giving and personal use

Silkworm baby wrapping steps
put baby in
Tighten the left wing
, hold the arm and stick it in place

The key to using the wrap
Baby's hands should be tightly wrapped to feel secure.
While wrapping, the adult's hand needs to moderately press the baby's arm and alternately wrap the towel to get the correct tightness.

Cleaning Instructions
. The devil felt must be fixed before cleaning to avoid sticking to other clothes
. Do not wash with sharp objects to avoid hooking
. Hand wash alone at low temperature, do not scrub hard
. Do not use detergents with added bleach and fluorescent agents
. Do not soak / do not dry clean / do not iron
. Do not bleach/do not use softener
. Do not tumble dry