220885W1-NB Baby Diapers (32 PCS)

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Thinner and softer baby diapers are designed for babies to keep baby's bum dry and clean for longer to reduce rashes. The stretchy waistband allows babies for comfortable movement and prevent back leakage. The design can block leakage from both sides of diapers effectively. It disperses liquid around the diaper for better absorption and there is a reminder to change the diaper when yellow turns into blue.

Main materials : Non-woven fabric, composite absorbent core, high breathability PE film
※This is a personal hygiene product, when unpack it cannot be returned later.

"Product type" recommended for 3-6KG
"Manufacturing date" please refer to the outer packaging label
"Shelf life" 》 3 years
"Storage Method" In order to prevent dust or insects from entering after the package is opened, please store the opened packaging bag and diapers in a dry, ventilated and hygienic environment. Please keep the product away from direct sunlight, high humidity and humid places.
"Disposal after use" Gently fold the used diapers (inner layer facing inward) and wrap them, and discard them in the trash can. Do not throw it away in the toilet to avoid clogging.
●To avoid accidents of suffocation and strangulation of the baby's neck, please keep the plastic packaging bags and handles away from babies and children.
●Please pay attention to the storage location of this product to prevent infants from accidentally eating or suffocating.
●Use according to the instructions on the product packaging, avoid contact between the skin and the waist patch, and change diapers frequently according to the baby's usage.
●In a high-humidity environment, the urine indicator line may change color before use. This is normal and does not affect the use of the product.
●If the product is not suitable for baby skin when using it, please stop using it and consult a doctor.