221002G2 Drapey Maternity & Nursing Midi Dress

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Elegant draped crinkled maternity dress
Elegant draped crinkled maternity dress
Elegant draped crinkled maternity dress

Side Opening - Breastfeeding Opening
Side-opening breastfeeding opening, when breastfeeding, you only need to pull the overlapping part of the opening to breastfeed easily, and then restore the opened part after feeding.
Lateral opening-chest line lactation opening

Size Chart

Size Chart S M L XL
shoulder width 15 15.5 16 16.5
chest circumference 19.3 20.3 21.3 22.3
waistline 20 21 22 23
Sleeve Length 12 12.3 12.5 12.8
wide cuff 10 10.3 10.6 11
Short side length of front piece 16 16.5 17 17
front flank length 28.5 29 29.5 29.5
back length 17.5 48.5 19.5 49.5
Hem Width 25 26 27 28

※Unit: inch (1 inch=2.54 cm)
※Depending on the material of the product, there may be an error of ±1 cm
※When purchasing (in flat size), it depends on the elasticity of the material, and then you can choose according to the tightness of your personal clothing!

Material Description

Skin-friendly modal cotton, soft and cool
. Five-quarter-length sleeves with lotus leaves are visually slim and proportionate, modifying the lines of the arms
. The design of straps on both sides can be adjusted according to the size of the belly
. The hem is short at the front and long at the back. Body modification A
versatile dress that can be worn on any occasion
Double side breastfeeding openings, concealed shape, convenient for breastfeeding "

Material" Main: 65%Cotton 35%Modal Opening
"washing method" machine wash / low temperature / bag / reverse / do not soak / do not bleach / do not dry