231008G3 Flared Hem Cotton Maternity & Nursing Dress

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Cotton loose cake skirt pregnancy dress
Cotton loose cake skirt pregnancy dress
Cotton loose cake skirt pregnancy dress
Cotton loose cake skirt pregnancy dress
Fly-feeding openings on both sides of the armpit
The appearance is like a general open-front top. When breastfeeding, open the front button and open the breastfeeding opening under the armpits to breastfeed.

Placket - Nursing openings on both armpits

Size Chart

Size Chart S M L
shoulder width 20 20.5 21
chest circumference 19.5 20.5 21.5
waistline 19.5 20.5 21.5
Sleeve Length 7.5 8 8.5
wide cuff 9 9.5 10
Front length 36 37 38
Hem Width 48 49 50


※Unit: inch (1 inch=2.54 cm)
※Depending on the material of the product, there may be an error of ±1 cm
※When purchasing (in flat size), it depends on the elasticity of the material, and then you can choose according to the tightness of your personal clothing!

Material Description

●Lightweight plush and soft cotton, breathable and does not bite the muscles, giving the skin a good experience
●V-neck is slim and reveals the beautiful collarbone
●Gives a neat and cool impression
●Showing a sweet style
Hiding the belly and modifying the arms is the best choice for pregnancy and feeding.
It can be worn alone to create a light feeling, or it can be paired with trousers to create a layered look
. It can be paired with sandals or sneakers, and can be used in various styles Wearing
Double side pockets, practical design, comfortable to wear
Breastfeeding openings on both sides, raincoat concealed buckle, easy to open for breastfeeding

"Material" Main:100%Cotton
    Other:91%Cotton 9%Spandex
"Nursing Opening" placket type- Underarm breastfeeding openings on both sides 
fabric is non-elastic; the inner breastfeeding openings are very elastic

※Note that you need to dry it immediately after washing, avoid stacking.
※After washing, please arrange the shape and then dry it to avoid excessive wrinkling