No Rinse Body Bath - 16 oz

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NO RINSE Body Bath
This is a concentrated formula. Simply fill bowl with about one quart of warm water. Mix in 4 caps full of No Rinse Body Bath. Dampen a wash cloth with the solution and apply to skin. Towel dry before the solution dries. May also be used full strength as a hand soap or in the shower.

  • NEW 2021 DESIGN: Packaging may vary
  • EXCELLENT VALUE: One 16 ounce bottle makes 16 Complete Baths. Use when there is a lack of facilities, physical limitation, discomfort or fear of bathing occurs
  • EASY TO USE: Simply dilute one ounce with 32 ounces of warm water, apply with a wash cloth and towel dry or use undiluted in shower or tub and rinse in a normal manner
  • SAFE AND HEALTHY: No alcohol mean no dryness. Gentle on sensitive skin and leaves the body clean, refreshed & odor-free
  • TRUSTED BRAND: Used by NASA and approved by thousands of hospitals across the Country