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New bathing experience
Novice parents are worried that baby bath products are difficult to clean and foam. The first baby antibacterial phyto-extract amino acid 2 in 1 shampoo and bath mousse, wash quickly, take a bath without panic and no fuss

Tested by MRC Research Institute in Japan

30 seconds quick sterilization!

Bactericidal ability test result:
30 seconds after spraying SDC with silver citrate ion, the bacteria can be completely inhibited

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Triple protection, wash out protection
Add ginseng extract, oatmeal, apple and peach extracts to protect your baby's body from damage caused by environmental pollution
(gas, heavy metals, free radicals and PM2.5 particles)
Ginseng essence
Condition hair and scalp, supplement nutrition and strengthen hair roots
Barley, wheat
Extract wheat and wheat essence, gently cleanse baby's skin and hair
Apple peach
Extract pectin ingredients, protect delicate and tender skin, maintain skin health

Gentle plant extracts without burden
Natural corn and coconut oil interface surfactants will not burden the human body after washing, can be easily decomposed naturally, and return to nature is beneficial to the ecology

Mild pH
Common antibacterial liquids-alcohol, sodium hypochlorite, and bleach, regardless of their concentration, are potentially toxic to the environment and human body. They should not be swallowed. Silver citrate is the only antibacterial formula that can be eaten in the stomach.
No tears formula
Gentle and not irritating to baby's eyes

Amino acid formula
Fine foam, gentle cleansing and non-irritating, moisturizing and not drying after washing

Europe Certification
PCA natural moisturizing factor
Keep skin healthy epidermis and moisture, strong moisturizing function

The series has passed a number of strict tests
✓ U.S. EPA Environmental Protection Agency evaluation of environmental protection level
✓ Passed FDA evaluation
✓ Passed SGS inspection
✓ Passed EU inspection

Material Description

Invisible protection for the baby’s skin
● Long-lasting antibacterial x Mild PH5.5 x Plant extract protection
● Triple protection against haze and washing out protection
● US Environmental Protection Agency certified SDC antibacterial ingredients
● EU organic organization certified PCA moisturizing factor + amine Acid cleansing ingredients
● Stabilize the skin moisture balance, soothe allergies after washing, maintain moisturizing
● No tearing formula, protect the baby's skin, eyes and lacrimal glands, wash the scalp sweat
smell ● Pronalen Bio-protect plant extract formula
● Protect against heavy metals and PM2.5
● Add ginseng, oatmeal, apple and peach and other plant extracts, shampoo, bathing can be done in one bottle
● This product does not add PARABEN/MI/MCI/SLES/ALS/sulfate/soap alkali/formaldehyde/any harmful Chemical substances
● The date of manufacture depends on the bottle; the expiration date: 5 years after unopened, please use it as soon as possible after opening

"Ingredients" Water / Laurel Disodium alcohol polyether sulfosuccinate/cocoamidopropyl betaine/sodium lauroamphoacetate/sodium lauryl glucoside hydrocarbyl sulfonate/sodium cocoyl glutamate/lemon acid / glycerol / phenoxyethanol / polyquaternium-7 / flavor / tetrasodium glutamate diacetate / chlorhexidine digluconate / sodium PCA / SDC / propylene glycol, apple juice, peach juice, wheat
" Capacity "500ml
"Place of Origin" Taiwan