190889Z Nano Bamboo Postnatal Recovery & Support Belly Band

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After giving birth, most women get that 'empty' feeling where it feels like losing strength in the core. Recommended by Physiotherapists, the Mamaway bamboo belly band is designed to support the uterus, abdomen, pelvis, and back by applying compression on the pelvic and abdominal area to hold the expanded uterus wall, loose skin, and muscles back in place post-pregnancy. Assists in recovery from abdominal separation, getting strength back in the core and stabilize the abdomen and wound after c-section, or as back support while carrying the baby or managing daily tasks.

  • ADJUSTABLE & STRETCHABLE: Easy to put on and adjust the fit and compression level by yourself. It is attached with two stretchable belt velcros to pull and stick on any spot of the band for double compression. One size from postpartum day one and keep you supported for a long time.
  • ACCELERATES POSTPARTUM RECOVERY: After giving birth, the space in the uterus remains, and abdominal muscles separation needs to be repaired. Our extra-wide belly band gives you complete abdominal coverage to restore the waist, hips, and loose skin. Apply extra compression by crossing the two stretchable belt velcros above the uterus to imitate the effect of fundal massage and assist the uterus in contract back down to its usual size.
  • STABILIZE TO RELIEF: Designed to be worn right after vaginal birth and C-section delivery. The bone-free design not only allows you to have a good slumber time but also provides a pleasant and safe compression to stabilize the abdomen, C-section incision, and minimize associated pain, which allows greater mobility post-surgery.
  • TAILORED MADE COMFORT: Non-Slip, non-roll up, non-shrink, and every inch fits your shape. Rigid yet flexible material that bends, twists, and moves with your body, offers support without adding pressure.
  • SKIN FRIENDLY/ BREATHABLE: With bamboo charcoal material and mesh weave structure, women can stay cool and dry while being supported in any season with no irritations and discomfort on the skin. CARING: Cold hand wash/Do not soak, bleach, tumble dry/ Line dry in shade.


Two extra compression belts provide a security fit and promote a speedy recover.
It can be worn straight after birth, suitable for both vaginal birth and c-section.
Easy to wear yourself with the supporting handle attached. (New edition design)

Bamboo Charcoal

  • Antibacterial: By weaving bamboo charcoal into the material, it has bacterial and odour resistant properties for your peace of mind.
  • Far-infared Tech.: Naturally emits far-infrared from bamboo charcoal and boosts the blood circulation.
Individually weaved stripes that move independent of each other and forms a rigid yet flexible material that bends, twists and moves with your body.
Extra wide design gives you an entire abdominal coverage, avoids too mush stress on C-section wound.
With bamboo material and mesh weave structure, you can stay cool and dry while being supported in any season.